A Day in the Life of a Statistical Programmer

Statistical Programmer

What’s it really like to be a professional statistical programmer? We asked SimulStat’s Manager of Statistical Programming, Stanley Yuen, to describe his typical workday which he explained is an important mix of meetings and hands on programming.

“Statistical programming is a collaborative effort among different departments, so the meetings are intended mainly to communicate among the responsible parties how the data will be presented in the deliverables, “he explains. “The rest of the workday is spent taking that information, retrieving the data, and then either programming or validating deliverables that will go into a Clinical Study Report.”

Stanley joined SimulStat back in 2011. Since then, he’s been a valuable part of wide a range of projects. Most involve the various stages of statistical programming, including developing Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTMs), Analysis Data Models (ADaMs), and generating the output deliverables for clients.

His favorite part of the job includes the autonomy he feels in developing these programs, whether it’s as the source programmer or the validator. “I’m given the freedom to be creative in my programs and that has allowed me the opportunity to develop an approach that I can use for similar scenarios very quickly or to try out a new approach that I feel can simplify the process,” he said.

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