Happy Employees = Happy Clients!

We know that without our employees, we wouldn’t be here.

biostatistics and statistical programming jobsThat’s why we are always looking to improve employee perks and offer the best coverage possible when it comes to important things like health and dental insurance. We also offer competitive retirement options for 401k contributions.
But at SimulStat, we go beyond the basics. We offer our consultants and employees opportunities to explore, learn, and grow. Our teams work in a challenging and dynamic environment while continuing to experience new technologies and latest techniques in biostatistics and statistical programming.

Our employees live all over the United States. Many working from home offices.  So we take the extra steps necessary to make sure everyone stays connected through our online benefit portal, hold annual company-wide calls, and take extra time with new employees and consultants to give them the support they need to thrive.

We also know that our employees have lives outside of work, so as long as they are completing projects on time and on task – and clients are happy – we give them the flexibility they need.  When our employees are happy and healthy, we know that leads to more productive projects, and happier clients!

SimulStat is focused on ensuring the highest level of employee satisfaction. This is accomplished by providing an environment for our employees that fosters communication, technical learning and new experiences. And thanks to our happy employees, we are continuing to grow! Check our latest job openings at  http://www.simulstat.com/category/jobs/

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