How to find the right SAS Programming Team for your Next Clinical Trial

Clinical Trail Programming

Outsourcing allows your company to focus on key business objectives, while allowing an outsourced SAS Programming Team (like SimulStat) to focus on the minutia that go into creating the data sets and statistical output that are required in a clinical study report.

SimulStat’s CEO, Adam Sharp, discusses core qualities needed, services provided and benefits of outsourcing statistical programming services for clinical trials.

Q: What kinds of qualities should you look for, when seeking an SAS programming team to help with a clinical trial?

A: Core qualities of a great SAS programming team include having the knowledge of key attributes of a clinical trial including the standard outputs created for clinical trials and the data used to create them. SAS programmers must also pay close attention to detail, and structured SAS programming style as well as have good communication skills, including writing skills, as most positions telecommute which requires emails and electronic communication.  And of course a strong base in SAS and SAS Macro skills is important.

Q:  More people are outsourcing their statistical programming services these days, what is the benefit of that?

A: Outsourcing allows companies to focus on key business objectives, while we/SimulStat can focus on the minutia (or details) that go into creating the data sets and statistical output that are required in a clinical study report.  Companies can leverage our experience with creating custom analysis data sets, SDTMs, ADaMS, Define.xml and Tables, Listings and Figures.  Companies don’t have to develop their own internal teams with SOPs or other documentation to ensure they are in compliance with regulations.  SimulStat’s programming process possesses these qualities and companies can take advantage of it.

Q: What kinds of services besides SAS programming, can a biostatistical consultant provide?

A: Biostatistical consultants can provide Study/Trial design, write Statistical Analysis Plans, Develop Table, Figure and Listing Shells and  Adhoc/Exploratory Analyses.

For more questions about the benefits and services SAS Programming and  Biostatistical consultants can provide for your next clinical trial, please contact us.