It’s going to be a BIG year for Biostatisticians and Statistical Programmers

biostatisticians and statistical programmers

Whether they’re working on-site or remotely, biostatisticians and statistical programmers are in demand.

As we look back on another successful year at SimulStat, we can’t help but make some predictions about the coming year.

Throughout 2015, we saw an extremely high demand for contract biostatisticians and statistical programmers. Much of this demand came from pharmaceutical and biotech companies looking to bring some of their biostatistics/statistical programming in-house versus being 100% outsourced to CROs. We also saw many sponsors looking to partner with smaller niche/boutique CROs like SimulStat to provide a specific service versus outsourcing to a full service CRO.

 Whether the work was offered by CROs or directly by the pharmaceutical and biotech companies, biostatisticians and statistical programmers found themselves with many job opportunities to consider.

As a result, many of the candidates we interviewed for statistical programming and biostatistician positions received multiple offers – some offers were even from our own clients!

Because of such competition, educating these talented candidates on how specialized, well respected, customer service oriented, and non-bureaucratic SimulStat is was essential to helping them make the ultimate decision to become part of the SimulStat team. We know having a strong, dedicated team is critical to our success. That’s why a primary goal for 2016 is to continue to find and implement competitive employee benefit packages.

But not all pharmaceutical and biotech companies were looking in the US for talent in 2015. Last year, we noticed many pharmaceutical clients outsourcing programming work to India and China. However, we believe the quality and loyalty of having consultants work in-house (or at least in the same country, when working remotely) will provide the biggest benefit long-term. In fact, we are so confident of this, that we have dedicated another 2016 goal to expanding our recruiting team to meet the increased demand from our clients.

With these changing trends in hiring, along with new technology emerging, we anticipate continued growth throughout 2016. We look forward to meeting you, and other industry experts to discuss these trends at the upcoming PharmaSUG Conference in May, as well as WUSS in September. See you soon!

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