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Remote, 12-month contract with potential to extend

RWD Analyst – RWE Quantitative Methodologist 
As a member of the core RWE Generation Innovation Unit, individuals will have access to real-world databases and contribute to methodologic projects using real-world data (RWD). The incumbent will help design and conduct statistical analyses of RWD, validation of RWD-based phenotype algorithms, and produce data visualizations and TFLs for internal review and external presentations and publications. The individual will conduct timely, relevant and rigorous analysis of RWD to address critical methodologic questions, as well as collaborate with epidemiologists and other scientists to develop, refine, and scale analytics procedures, systems, workflows, and best practices. 
Key Responsibilities 

  • Co-develop study protocols and analysis plans to answer methodologic questions of priority to RWE scientists 
  • In collaboration with epidemiology and safety colleagues, evaluate phenotype algorithms for key variables in RWE studies and plan validation studies as needed 
  • In support of methodologic projects, construct cohorts using in-house RWD sources (claims and/or EHR) 
  • Conduct analyses for descriptive and comparative research using RWD for methodologic research questions 
  • Co-develop, test, and clearly document analytic pipelines for use by RWD programmers 
  • Coauthor abstracts and manuscripts for external dissemination of methodologic study results 

Knowledge, Skills and Experience 


  • PhD in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Health Economics, or related discipline with a minimum of two (2) years of relevant post-doctoral experience. MS plus six (6) years of experience in lieu of PhD may be acceptable. 
  • Demonstrated proficiency in statistical analysis using R, SAS, and SQL 
  • Understanding of epidemiology and the application of retrospective or prospective studies to generate publishable and regulatory-grade RWE 
  • Knowledge of common US RWD sources used in pharmacoepidemiology 
  • Strong track record of analysis of real-world data (RWD), including claims and EHR data 


  • Experience with international data sources 
  • Understanding of the quantitative validation of phenotype algorithms that use diagnosis and procedure codes and other variables found in RWD 
  • Experience in pharmacoepidemiology research study design, execution and communication  
  • Experience submitting results of treatment effect estimation studies (from RCT or RWE) to regulatory agencies  
  • Experience writing protocols and statistical analysis plans in the pharmaceutical industry for descriptive and complex studies in RWD 

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