More Efficiency, More Talent + More Value in 2017

SAS ProgrammerAnother year is upon us, and here at SimulStat we’re focusing 2017 on more ways to provide added value to our clients. With more efficient processes in place and a bigger talent pool of data managers, SAS programmers, biostatisticians and epidemiologists to pull from, we’re adding more value to our core services. Here’s a closer look:

CRO Services: Higher Project Efficiency

Our clients already know that we help make it possible to outsource projects at any stage of the clinical development process.  We take plans and put them into action using our resources- whether it’s developing an SAP, creating SDTMs, ADaMs, or TLFs.  This year, we’re implementing more in-depth training and developing our own custom software to further enhance internal project efficiency and regulatory compliance – providing more overall value to you, our customer.

Resourcing Solutions: Enhanced Staffing

In addition to improving our internal processes, we’ve expanded our staff of recruiters to help us reach more candidates. By investing in our recruiting team, we’ve been able to significantly increase our talent pool, and make more resources available when you need them most.  Whether you are looking for intermediate or high level resources, for a temporary or a long-term period, we have you covered.

As we move into 2017, we look forward to continuing to enhance our work with existing clients – as well as welcome the opportunity to take on new projects. To learn more about how we can help improve the value and efficiency of your next project, contact us.

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