Pharmaceutical Recruiting Trends in 2020 and 2021: Remote Staffing and Outsourcing

biometrics professionals With COVID-19 came new staffing and project management challenges for pharmaceutical and biotech researchers. State and federal restrictions on travel and workplace interactions as well as employees’ rising concern about infection highlighted the need for more flexible staffing and support solutions. It was critical to address those challenges quickly to keep trials on schedule and avoid more severe clinical and financial consequences.

How SimulStat Made Clinical Trials More Efficient in 2020

Before the pandemic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies relied heavily on SimulStat to provide highly qualified in-house and remote biometric professionals (including contract, direct-hire and FSP biostatisticians and statistical programmers).

Over the course of 2020 they quickly discovered that remote staffing and outsourced programming services are more efficient than trying to meet the demands with in-house support, especially during the pandemic, for many reasons:

-They save time by proceeding from their initial search to signing the right candidates faster than onboarding new in-house programmers.

-They save money by letting SimulStat handle the HR details.

-They save additional money by finding the perfect candidates to ensure a smooth development process and increase the likelihood of a successful trial.

-They improve their chances of finding the best programmers by accessing a larger pool of highly qualified candidates.

-They can optimize their product life cycles with outsourced statistical expertise and strategic guidance.

By pivoting to these solutions quickly they were able to stay on schedule with their clinical trials and improve overall efficiency.

Looking Forward: Remote Staffing and Outsourced Support Continues in 2021

With increased remote staffing and outsourcing improving efficiency over pre-pandemic levels you can expect this trend toward those solutions to continue through 2021.

According to Reuters, the “percentage of workers around the world that is permanently working from home is expected to double in 2021 as productivity has increased during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey from U.S.-based Enterprise Technology Research (ETR).”

This is an excellent time to explore hiring highly qualified remote biometrics professionals and outsourcing your statistical programming needs with SimulStat.

“Our clients recognize the value of hiring remote biostatisticians and statistical programmers. Requests for remote resources has increased through 2020 and we fully expect that demand to continue through 2021,” says SimulStat President Adam Sharp.


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