SimulStat Provides Employees with New Power Apps to Enrich, Empower and Engage

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“We’re a company that provides distinct and innovative services for our clients in the pharmaceutical and bio tech industries and equally as important we offer progressive HR tools and products for our employees,” explains Nicole Bianchi, Administrative Manager at SimulStat, Inc.

SimulStat continues to provide its employees with innovative tools to ensure their work experience, and client deliverables, are the best they can be. As a result, Workforce Now is one part of the varied benefits employees now receive while working for SimulStat. The following is an interview with Nicole Bianchi, Administrative Manager of SimulStat Incorporated, to explain more about the latest app rollout: ADP Workforce Now.

Q: Nicole, tell us about the new SimulStat employee payroll portal.

A: In June, SimulStat introduced a self service payroll portal to our employees, ADP Workforce Now.  This online app provides our employees with a host of features which puts the power of information at the employee’s fingertips. For example, employees can view their pay stubs online, change their address and withholdings, use a mobile app, go paperless and much more.

Q:  Can you expand on some of these Workforce Now features you highlighted and explain how these benefit SimulStat’s employees?

A:  Of course. One of the great features of Workforce Now is that employees no longer have to wait for their paystub to arrive in the mail … or when the HR assistant comes walking down the hallway to give it to them. Now employees can view their paystubs online up to 24 hours before pay day. This is a big plus for many of our employees.

SimulStat also offers our employees the option to opt out of receiving paper pay stubs and go paperless. The company does not make the decision for the employee, the employee decides, in a click, to go paperless.

I think one of the nicest features about ADP’s Workforce Now is the ability for the employee to change their direct deposit information. If an employee changes where they bank, or gets a different account at their current bank, or perhaps wants to change their direct deposit amount that goes into their savings account  — they can enter or edit any of this data themselves. Prior to SimulStat offering Workforce Now to our employees, if an employee wanted to change any of their direct deposit information – bank, account number, deposit amount – the flow would go something along these lines … the employee would send an email to SimulStat indicating they wanted to change their payroll information, then SimulStat would send the employee a change form which they would fill out, the form would be returned – by email, fax or snail mail – as long as the form was filled in completely and legibly, the payroll profile would be updated.  Before it could have taken up to a few days to update an employee’s payroll record, now it takes a few minutes. That’s progress and a great benefit for SimulStat employees.

Q: These sound like impressive improvements over the “old” way of doing payroll. Any other offerings on the portal that employees can gain from?

A:  Yes. A lot. We post company news on the portal, for example when employees get promoted. We post video clips of pertinent news … for example one of our statistical programmers was recently interviewed by UCSD Extension on what it takes to be a success in the growing field of statistical programming. As well, we publish new company policies; when at login our employees would be prompted to acknowledge any new company policies. No emails with attachments are needed to be sent, no big and bulky printed company handbook’s to distribute and no need to keep track of who responded and didn’t respond via email – a big headache saver. SimulStat management and administrators can simply logon to the portal and view a status report that indicates which employees have acknowledged the policy. This saves time, lessens – if eliminates entirely — the amount of emails being sent, saves storage space on company servers and keeps electronic tracking of version updates to corporate policies.

There is also a very useful section in the SimulStat Workforce Now portal which is the resource section – here we provide customized and quick links to partner websites, tutorials on company specific applications, links to SimulStat benefits and so much more.

Q:   How did the conversion go from the prior payroll system to Workforce Now?

A:  Over all I would say smoothly. That’s not to say that we didn’t have our share of glitches along the way. I’ve headed several system conversions in my career and for the most part this one went very well. There were some minor issues that were discovered early on that we addressed and resolved pretty quickly. Then even after one or two payroll cycles we discovered a more crucial one; for instance there was a system code syncing problem that occurred between the payroll app and the export of the data to our 401k plan; but we solved that problem right away as well.

Q:   What’s on the HR horizon for SimulStat employees?

A:  This app will grow with SimulStat as we continue to grow. We are just starting to realize the power of the Workforce Now portal site for our employees and have had an extremely positive response to the early roll-out — due in large part to the excellent feedback we had from our pilot group launch. The majority, if not all, of SimulStat’s employees are power users so their feedback, questions and suggestions for changes raised the bar as to the offerings and features SimulStat incorporated into the Workforce Now portal implementation corporate-wide. The percentage of SimulStat’s employees registering for the portal is near 100%.

SimulStat is a company that provides distinct and innovative services for our clients in the pharmaceutical and bio tech industries and equally as important we offer progressive hr tools and products for our employees. We continue to challenge and elevate ourselves at all levels of the organization — executive, management and staff – demanding the best from ourselves. With this mission in mind we continue to provide products and services at the highest level of integrity and hope to remain to be an important part of the venture of improving the health care and lives of people by providing reliable, accurate and timely data analysis in the field of clinical trials.