Staff Spotlight on Ben Jones, Senior Recruiter

Ben JonesMeet Ben Jones, Senior Recruiter at SimulStat. With an impressive background in recruiting, he brings exceptional ability and professionalism to his work helping biotech candidates and client companies at SimulStat.

Before joining the SimulStat team, he worked for a staffing company that specialized in telecommunications and IoT. After that firm experienced significant changes resulting from an acquisition by a larger firm, and with the pandemic looming, he decided to explore professional options he felt would be more sustainable.

“I knew it was a risk, but it has clearly paid off. I’m glad I made the right choice.”

As a Senior Recruiter, Ben sources and qualifies biostatistics and statistical programming candidates for positions in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Clinical Research Organizations. Positions are both contract and permanent.

His years of high-level recruiting experience give him a deep understanding of client and candidate needs, the ability to build robust networks, and the skill needed to lead candidates through the application process. Building relationships is core to his success, so he takes care to cultivate his connections with candidates, HR, and other client representatives to ensure a win-win outcome.

While he’s enjoyed many successes since joining SimulStat, this year has brought challenges, too.

“The pandemic has led to a lot of changes in how we operate, not only as a business but in our personal lives as well,” he said. “Meeting up with colleagues isn’t as easy as it used to be. My clients and friends who have children have had to compromise their schedules to accommodate their children.”

Prospective candidates who have children are less inclined to leave their current company because it feels too risky. But that particular challenge also presents opportunities, he points out.

“On the other hand, some companies aren’t giving people the flexibility they need to accommodate their family, so people start to look for new positions.” When that happens, Ben is here to help those candidates find data science jobs that match their priorities.

As he continues to grow his candidate and client base—and successes—he looks forward to spending more time with the SimulStat team again.

“We all work remotely so there isn’t much in-person interaction, mostly conference calls and video calls,” he says. “I think team building is important, as we all work really hard. We need to get out and celebrate the wins together.”

Learn more about the many biostatistics and statistical programming opportunities available today with SimulStat:


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