Staff Spotlight: Tristan Gittens, Senior SAS Programmer at SimulStat

Tristan Gittens, Senior SAS Programmer at SimulStat

“I believe in having a job that inspires you so that it doesn’t feel like work. Work takes up such a large amount of your time, you might as well enjoy it.”

Meet Tristan Gittens, our Senior SAS Programmer. With a background in Pre-Med at UC Berkeley, a Masters of Science in Epidemiology at Stanford University, and a substantial amount work experience in the field of science, Tristan is an extremely valuable member of our team who brings a wealth and variety of knowledge. In his current position, he mainly focuses on Colorectal Cancer drug studies. “I develop statistical programs as well as lead groups of programmers to analyze the safety and efficacy of the biological medications under study,” he explains.

One of Tristan’s recent projects was a long term and challenging study with favorable results relating to increasing survival rate among people with colorectal cancer. “I began the study as one of the many programmers hired to analyze this new medication. By the time we submitted the results, I had moved up to study lead, which is the most senior position, and was on the team entrusted to complete the final submission.”

Tristan brings a lot more to our company than his hard work ethic, experience, and knowledge. Outside of work, he enjoys cooking, inventing, and industrial design. “One of my favorite things to do is make creative dishes with unusual and fresh ingredients. I also could be considered a maker as I use a 3D printer to develop innovations. I currently hold four patents for my inventions.” We value his unique creativeness and drive to innovate.

For anyone with hobbies or passions outside of work who wishes to achieve a work/life balance like Tristan, he has useful advice. “I believe in having a job that inspires you so that it doesn’t fee like work. Work takes up such a large amount of your time, you might as well enjoy it.” Tristan has found that balance and value with us here at SimulStat. “I appreciate the autonomy that SimulStat affords. I feel respected and supported in my role as an employee here. They really show their appreciation and care for us as employees with generous salaries and benefits that out beat any of the contracting firms that I’ve worked for.”

Tristan offers the following advice to someone looking for a career in our industry: “Number 1 would be to get a job a SimulStat! But on the practical side, it’s good to have a degree in science or math along with strong knowledge of SAS, excel, and the entire Microsoft Office Suite. It’s beneficial to have a well-rounded education, which comes in handy when developing analyses and troubleshooting any issues that might arise during projects.”

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