SAS Tutorial: Tips to Use SAS More Effectively

sas tutorial

Streamlining SAS Programming Professionally In this 5-minute SAS tutorial, Stanley Yuen shares his tips for using SAS more effectively. “Sometimes, programmers can get stuck into programming only one way. This can be a real problem when you encounter coding that isn’t very recognizable,” says Stanley. “You must have some flexibility and willingness to learn new…

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SAS Tutorial: Productivity Tools for Programmers


From Google to GitHub, Bruce Kayton Shares His Productivity Tips For programmers, this SAS tutorial outlining the best productivity tools will help to keep work on track. This is crucial when you’re working to a deadline, or on a piece of code that is essential to the efficiency and accuracy of work to be done.…

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How Does a Biostatistician Keep Up With Changes to Their Role?


7 Strategies to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities As a biostatistician, you can be sure that changes in processes, procedures, and regulations will affect your work. You’ll need to be adaptable as the responsibilities and duties within your role evolve. While change can be invigorating, it can also be demoralizing. Especially if it forces you to…

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How Do the Best Biostatisticians Work Remotely the Best?

11 Tips to Boost Your Productivity When You Work from Home Some biostatisticians thrive in the remote working environment. If you’re working from home and are finding it difficult to adjust and remain focused, or your job isn’t delivering the work/life balances your thought it would, these tips will help you achieve all the promise…

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Overcoming the Challenges of Life as a Remote Statistical Programmer

Maximize Your Work/Life Balance Potential When Working from Home Working remotely as a statistical programmer offers some fantastic benefits. You can take advantage of greater freedom and flexibility. You don’t have a long commute to work. You can work anywhere, and improve your work/life balance. However, working remotely also has its challenges. For example, you…

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Why Can’t You Hire Quality Candidates for Biostatisticians Jobs?

7 Principles of Hiring That Will Transform Your Hiring Success You’ve been trying to hire top-quality candidates for biostatistician jobs, but without success. One of the reasons is that it’s a competitive field. The best candidates may have three or more companies chasing them. Therefore, the odds of hiring your preferred candidates are probably below…

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Hiring for Biostatistician Jobs? Here’s How to Be a Great Interviewer

9 Tips to Help You Interview Effectively Interviewing candidates for biostatistician jobs is not an easy process. Your goal is to learn more about the candidate beyond their resume, while simultaneously motivating the candidate to want to join you. Even the most advanced interviewers can deliver a poor interview experience, which can be disastrous to…

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