Top Skills Every Statistical Programmer Should Master – and How You Can Build Them

A successful statistical programmer obviously must have a solid understanding of statistics as well as a strong foundation in a statistical programming language, especially SAS. But according to Stanley Yuen, Manager of Statistical Programming at SimulStat, there are other equally critical skills needed to succeed in this field. One is the knowledge of CDISC compliance…

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A Day in the Life of a Statistical Programmer

Statistical Programmer

What’s it really like to be a professional statistical programmer? We asked SimulStat’s Manager of Statistical Programming, Stanley Yuen, to describe his typical workday which he explained is an important mix of meetings and hands on programming. “Statistical programming is a collaborative effort among different departments, so the meetings are intended mainly to communicate among…

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Staff Spotlight on Gargi Patel, Senior Biostatistician

Gargi Patel Biostatistician

Meet Gargi Patel, a Senior Biostatistician consulting with the SimulStat team on numerous projects. Originally from Chicago, she earned a degree in Science and Chemistry from the University of Illinois followed by an MS in Biostatistics.  Since then, she has spent over 13 years working on all phases of clinical trials with a focus on…

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Overcoming the Challenges of Life as a Remote Statistical Programmer

Maximize Your Work/Life Balance Potential When Working from Home Working remotely as a statistical programmer offers some fantastic benefits. You can take advantage of greater freedom and flexibility. You don’t have a long commute to work. You can work anywhere, and improve your work/life balance. However, working remotely also has its challenges. For example, you…

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